Positive Psychology (PERMA+) for Leaders

This workshop examines the 5 key principles of the PERMA model of Positive Psychology which is an exciting new area of psychological theory and research that focusses on strengths and resilience. This workshop specifically examines how managers can implement Positive Psychology principles personally, in their teams and across the wider organisation. The concept of resilience is then defined and practical strategies for building team resilience and change readiness.

  • Defining Positive Psychology and its application to the workplace and personal life
  • The neuroscience of happiness
  • Character Strengths and Core values – what are you good at and what do you value?
  • Resilience and learned optimism – how to build capacity to bounce back
  • How to build psychological capital and well-being at work - developing a positive team culture
  • Creating positive meaning and engagement at work
  • Change readiness strategies
  • Understand the principles of Positive Psychology and the science of wellbeing
  • Identify your Character Strengths and Core Values
  • Understand resilience and how to build personal, team and organisational capacity