About PsychCheck

PsychCheck provides pre-employment screening by using tailored psychometric evaluation with structured 1:1 Psychological interview to ensure your organisation is making the right choice in hiring potential staff. Ensuring that potential employees have the emotional resilience, problem solving ability, interpersonal skills and personality characteristics which fit organisational culture is the first step to creating a mentally healthy workplace environment and culture. PsychCheck devised and is the only approved provider for pre-employment Psychological Suitability Assessments for the Dept for Child Protection.

PsychCheck - Pre-Employment Screening

With a background in forensic risk assessment, clinical and workplace psychology, PsychCheck brings a blend of understanding aberrant personality characteristics which present a risk of inappropriate workplace behaviour, an understanding of mental health vulnerabilities which impact employee wellbeing and decrease employee effectiveness and awareness of personality and mental health factors which increase risk of Workers Compensation claims and time lost. This is blended with keen understanding of the commercial imperative for efficient, cost-effective services. PsychCheck's methodology is based on evidence based best practice in the forensic psychology and recruitment areas and has been an innovator and influencer for addressing selection risks for individual and organisations.