Building Individual and Team Resilience: PERMA+ At Work

This workshop is aimed at developing skills in employees and leaders regardless of their position in the organisation. While ‘stress’ affects employees at all levels, the workshop content defines that not all stress is bad, and that stress can be adaptively managed. We examine the biological underpinning of the stress response, our attitudes toward stress and how these moderate the impact of stress. We examine challenges creating stress (time, interpersonal, change, trauma) and define practical management strategies which align with the six pillars. We will examine and define the concept of resilience and examine the “ABC” of developing individual resilience. Participants will complete a resilience self-assessment as pre-course material. The workshop also focuses on Positive Psychology principles and how PERMA relates to redefining and reducing stress. Research links between resilience and PERMA principles are discussed with case studies and a small group exercise. Participants will look at the 5 key aspects of resilient teams and engage in a small group exercise with the challenge to look at how their team functions in these five areas, with plans to improve incorporating the PERMA model discussed as a group.

  • Definitions of stress (biopsychosocial)
  • Challenges to stress
  • Redefining how we think about stress
  • Resilience: conceptual basics
  • Challenges to resilience
  • Individual, team and organisational resilience
  • ABC of managing stress & developing resilience
  • Defining your ABC strategy (practical individual exercise)
  • Positive Psychology & PERMA: applications to managing stress and resilience
  • Small group exercises: practical engagement of PERMA at work
  • Building team resilience: the 5 functions of resilient teams
  • Group work: building the 5 functions in your workplace