Peer to Leader : Fundamentals of Leadership

This workshop is designed to provide a unique foundation for participants in building self-awareness and understanding leadership theory and skills. We explore the challenges of moving from being a peer to becoming a leader. What distinguishes great leaders or managers from the mediocre are their personal, inner qualities. Effective leaders know their strengths and areas for development and can enhance the skills and abilities of others. This workshop examines attributes of an ethical organisation and leader. It then reviews the terms “bullying and harassment” from both a legislative and behavioural perspective. The workshop develops an understanding of what is and what is not bullying and harassment conduct and what is reasonable in terms of managerial action.

  • The difference between a Peer, a Manager and a Leader
  • Characteristics of great leaders (and bad leaders)
  • Essential people skills
  • Generation of personal Action Plan to target competency development needs
  • Emotional Intelligence including case study and self-assessment
  • Definitions of bullying & harassment under the WH&S Act
  • Examples of unwanted workplace behaviour
  • Why do people engage in this behaviour?
  • Attributes of an ethical leader / organisation
  • Case study for group discussion
  • Avenues for individuals in receipt of unwanted behaviours in the workplace