Leading People Through Change and Uncertainty

Change is inevitable. But when it seems change in organisations is frequent, sudden or implemented without consultation, it can be difficult to manage workplace morale, engagement and wellbeing. This workshop will focus on practical knowledge and skills for managers leading teams in changing workplace environments. Participants will learn to identify where individuals in their teams sit in the “stages of reacting to change”. Acknowledging that different people respond in different ways, leaders will learn skills in acknowledging emotional and behavioural reactions and moving people along the change continuum by engaging core skills and enhancing engagement in areas of their workplace that they can control.

  • Change processes; a range emotional and cognitive responses
  • Stages of change (Change curve) – emotional and behavioural reactions
  • Identify where you are in terms of the change curve
  • Identifying core skills, personality characteristics and behaviours that might impact you going through the change curve
  • Self-management through the change process – by providing a range of practical strategies e.g. what I can do if I find myself in denial stage
  • Communication skills 101 - e.g. acknowledge people’s struggling through communication, get people on board with change etc.
  • Identifying and acknowledging each individual’s current place in the stages of change
  • Building a plan to engage and support staff with the change process with very practical strategies