Managing Difficult Personalities in the Workplace

The content of this workshop includes understanding difficult personality traits and behaviours and individual emotional reactions to challenging behaviours. Managers are provided with skills to manage difficult employee behaviours that meet legal, ethical and professional obligations. Content also includes discussion of best-practice performance management principles including coaching skills, self-audit and identification for areas of development.

  • A review of Personality Disorders (narcissistic, borderline, histrionic) and Psychopathy
  • Disorder vs “Annoying” traits and behaviours
  • Obligations and boundaries of managers and employers
  • Understanding our emotional reactions to challenging behaviours
  • Performance management skills
  • Coaching
  • Discussion and analysis of case studies of common difficult personalities
  • Understand your personality type
  • Understand Personality Disorders
  • Understand the difference between annoying behaviour and disordered behaviour
  • Implement improved performance management and coaching skills
  • Develop a generic management plan for individuals displaying problematic personality traits
  • Have a personal plan on how to implement these new skills in your leadership role