Difficult Conversations: Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

The content of this workshop includes understanding mental health and mental illness and how to have performance based conversations with staff about associated workplace behaviours. Develop an understanding of the term “mental health”, obligations of managers and leaders (not only to the individual but also the team and organisation) and refinement of practical skills in how to discuss mental health in a work context from a performance point of view. The concepts of stress and resilience are explored at the individual, team and organisational levels and a practical plan is then formulated.

  • What is meant by the term ‘mental health’
  • Types of mental health conditions commonly present at work
  • Having conversations about mental health
  • Managing performance concerns
  • Understanding stress
  • Individual/team/organisational strategies to reduce stress and build resilience
  • Managing performance concerns
  • Understand the common experience of mental health concerns
  • Understand organisational/managerial obligations in managing mental health
  • Have a framework to discuss mental health concerns
  • Feel confident in running a meeting to discuss mental health concerns
  • Develop an individual action plan to manage stress