Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

This training workshop is designed to educate employees about mental health in the workplace and to identify when peers or they as individuals are having difficulties that may be affecting work performance. Building an understanding of mental health issues then forms the basis for developing skills that will assist in controlling situations in the workplace that may arise and discusses the early warning signs, in terms of behaviour at work.

The course then explores the concepts of stress, burnout, resilience and self-care in the context of mental health issues in the workplace and offers some practical tips for healthy living including questionnaires for self-audit learning to equip participants with skills for psychological wellbeing.

  • Defining mental health issues and psychological disorders
  • What to do if someone has a mental health issue and what not to do
  • Understand stress and burnout early warning signs
  • Define effective practical strategies to build resilience and positive mental health