About Psychological Well-Checks

Psychological Well-Checks Program provides a wellbeing approach for people who are preparing for or undertaking roles which involve an element of risk to wellbeing. The Psychologist meets with the employee to discuss their physical and psychological wellbeing planning and prepares with them a Personal Wellbeing Plan to assist in their managing and monitoring of their own wellbeing.

The Personal Wellbeing Plan covers:

  • Physical wellbeing – including sleep, nutrition, safety etc
  • Psychological wellbeing – including mental health and interpersonal support
  • Professional wellbeing planning – including support for learning and development
  • Behaviour based scenarios to discuss and explore responding and planning
  • PERMA + - including building psychological capital and resilience

The Psychological Well-Checks is not a psychological assessment process as per the selection and recruitment process, but a facilitated wellbeing conversation aimed at motivating the employee towards managing their wellbeing. This Well-Checks process was a finalist for the Australian Psychological Society Workplace Excellence Awards in 2018, and conference presentation in for the Australian National Organisational Psychology Conference 2019.

Well-Checks process

High risk employee groups are referred for Well-Checks via the organisation. If possible, face to face sessions are conducted, or via internet or phone if necessary. The process takes 1.5 hours – including compilation of the Personal Wellbeing Plan. A follow up session of 45mins – 1 hour is conducted at 3 or 6 month intervals in order to review and modify wellbeing plans. The Psychologist can be contacted for further support of complications or incidents occur that impact the wellbeing of the employee or their plan.